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Traços Positivos, Gestão de Projectos, Unipessoal, Ldª is a company specialized in Licensing of Architecture Projects, Urban Planning, Urban Renovation, Interior Projects, Monitoring and Supervision of Works, 3D studies and also town planning consultancy services in the real estate sector.


In addition to its own employees, Traços Positivos often develops its activities in partnership with specialized companies in the areas of Engineering, Environment and Landscape Architecture .


We want our work to meet the expectations of our customers in the finding of effective solutions, leveraging the resources in order to comply with the requirements of quality and functionality, taking into account the available financial requirements, whatever the scope or content of the proposal that is requested.


In a context of globalization, where the challenges are more demanding, we think the new trends of contemporary architecture embodied in the purity of lines, and with the new tecnologies and efficient project management, are the key to making a project competitive and sustainable.


The success of a work is possible through the implementation of a carefully planned project, well coordinated with the various projects of the specialty and a responsible monitoring of the construction process. These features make all the difference in the price/quality of the final product.


The use of renewable energy is also seen as a way to protect the environment and it is essential to preserve and enhance the architectural heritage in its relationship with the outside. 

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